Shamhat took a long breath, closed her eyes and looked within her very Self, from the Center were all truths are found. canals and busy streets to long corridors and staircases that led to the classrooms from lesson to lesson: (scribes, schools, etc. then send the auspicious news of having succeeded in the Challenge to her parents in the palace. I believe you, Shamhat, are this gifted maiden to satisfy the king’s request. The man tells them that he is going to a wedding ceremony in Uruk. As Enkidu is at its core a reflect of Gilgamesh, Enkidu/Shamhat scene is the mirror of Gilgamesh/girls scene. untamed heart within a most polished surface, she widens my boundaries to limits unknown. understanding and sharing it afterwards when the time came. Would you like to come with me to, There you will be tested in your ability to protect. but stricter the law was for the High Priestess of Uruk. Humbaba staggers and reels under this divine onslaught, I’ll send a message to the High Priestess to send the wild one such a gifted maiden to satisfy my request. As one with the True Chosen of Inanna of 10,000 Names since the beginning of times. I serve the Mighty One of Life’s Pleasures, the Mistress of Innermost Desires. As Shamhat grew, so did unfortunately the reputation of Gilgamesh the King. Shamhat did not say a word, just smiled and stood on the ground, holding her small breasts in cup. ‘ A friend, very much like myself, strong and alone? dream favorably. otherwise we would not have had the dreams we did. prayer to Shamash. Enkidu promptly and the other gods are enthroned. Even so, Gilgamesh is scared. For Gilgamesh and Enkidu Lovers The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is a very important source of our civilization history, ... but only if the two different forces come together will the forces be balanced. followed the struggle with the people as it went on. (E-anna, residence of giant alien gods in Uruk). as well as fought with the strength and courage of a warrior touched by the gods. by bringing back to those who needed passion, healing and relatedness as much as she could. It was in the first days, in the very first days when, that a Maiden stood sided by her parents before the gates of the, it was the sacred duty of the king to marry a priestess, which in most cases were shared by those who came to the, she would be ready soon to hear the Call of the Goddess, Life in Mesopotamia was hard and short, an average, and therefore that the temple should try and heal. Shamhat did not quite notice Gilgamesh‘s assent or small bow in her direction. And as it was, is and will be, let it be done unto me according to Inanna‘s will, because this is the Highest Will in me. He is like Gilgamesh in form: smaller in size, stronger in bone. They begin to walk toward it. the Great Goddess of Love and Battle, to ensure fertility to the land and fecundity to the womb. Before the Vision faded, the High Priestess for a very brief second saw Shamhat and the Wild One together. In this very night, Shamhat also dreamt she was singing to the moonlight, (Ninsun, her giant semi-divine grandson-king Shulgi, Inanna, spouse to Shulgi, & Inanna‘s father Nannar, patron god of Ur). They would understand and see her in the temple as soon as they could. Enkidu‘s surprise and delight were evident. flour to Shamash. This is the sacred rite all kings should pass to become Shepherds of the Land, and you are our king’s soul-counterpart. And, this sex-a-thon manages to change Enkidu from an almost-animal into a human being. As the Shepherd of the Land and the people, (Gilgamesh, giant son to Ninsun, 5th king of Uruk, long-lived mixed-breed). Without Inanna‘s Kiss, as the Sign was known. It had been lurking in the background since they had left the woods. marveling at the cedar trees’ height, breathing in their incense. There was no encouragement to promiscuity. But Humbaba pleads for mercy Then, with great chivalry as befitted to the king he was, Now she understood why she had been sent to, Passion and Play not for my gain, but for the wholeness of others and the glory of, With deep emotion she understood the ethics embedded in this: she would serve, why she had sung so sad and yet with such tenderness in the Dream that had announced her encounter with, ‘Lady of Passion, Love and Many Dares, now I understand the full extent of your Mystery,’ she said silently to, now that he had being befriended by the king of, Somehow he intuitively understood much had changed now that they were finally in, Welcome to, Where History & Modern Man Began, Gilgamesh and Huwawa Version A: translation. At the city gates, along the quays, the gardens and streets of Uruk, at the sight of Enkidu, the people stared open-mouthed: ‘Look at the Newcomer! Like her and himself too. Now she understood why she had been sent to Enkidu, her role in the Pattern the two of them had woven together. Your coming was announced in dreams, and I came to fulfill a very special request from Gilgamesh. Enkidu had truly been accepted by Gilgamesh, as she had prayed so hard for him to be. Both men circled around each other, as if they were two fighting lions, two fearless bulls ready to fight to the very end. In swift movements she swam then to the shore, and on solid ground, stood waiting Enkidu‘s next move. Shamhat‘s hair was as dark as a the night’s sky, her thoughtful eyes had the promise of much insight. One of the main events of the epic is that the Enkidu and Gilgamesh ... Shamhat plays a very important role in the epic because Don’t you know the answer already?’ replied the Wise One. He, Enkidu, raised his eyes to the Mistress of All and stared at Her in adoration. For example, he could come to bed and watch Netflix on a tablet with earphones and you could use ear plugs and an eye mask. she would never use the sacred office to encourage promiscuity or self-aggrandizement. A world of touch, tastes, senses and experiences exploded around them. What is in you that makes my heart beat, my head spin, my blood sing? reciprocating as Inanna, the Great Goddess of Love and Battle dictated. Then they hear Humbaba, the guardian Our king asked for a Maiden of the Eanna, our Holy Temple. You’ll get what you deserve!’ responded Gilgamesh, red with fury, and taking fighting stance. Then he tells Enkidu about his newest dream. the best friends and lovers for a time along a road that had led them to many inner and outer discoveries? Clothing they shared, one piece for him, another for her. The date chosen for her presentation to the temple had been carefully charted in the stars. of flour to Shamash. Shamhat‘s heart started beating quicker. Prove me wrong if you can! They were also the pockets of order and civilization. She had brought him to the king, the king had accepted him. electrifying minutes Enkidu and Gilgamesh stood in front of each other. ‘If it is so, then take me to Uruk, where lives Gilgamesh of perfect strength,’ agreed Enkidu. ‘ But I am also dying to have a go at my Challenge. All ordained priestesses were protected by the same law which granted rights to secular married women. He released Shamhat‘s hand and advanced in large steps through the crowds towards the king. to be accomplished and fully realized in Reality by us. Shamash tells Gilgamesh that Humbaba ‘She is a thing of wonder,’ he thought, ‘. Gilgamesh heard the hunter’s news and desperate request for any sort of help. A temple prostitute comes to him, and once they sleep together, Enkidu becomes domesticated. Or worthy enough? Shamhat‘s heart, mind, body and soul delighted in Enkidu‘s straightforwardness. That night Gilgamesh pours flour on the ground, an offering to Shamash and at last Gilgamesh overtakes him. The king considered carefully the case, and came up with a peculiar solution: ‘A wild one, a star fallen from heaven, strong and free? but only if he transcends his wilderness without and within. The most prestigious temple office was the one of the high priestess, or hierodule of heavens. What sort of priestess Shamhat would become depended on how she fared in her Test. c) Argos (watches cow so 1. guards Io Zeus can't sleep with her) 2. The Great Lady took a couple of seconds to reply, and when she did, her voice was at once stern and soft: ‘Shamhat, Soul-Daughter, what you’ve asked. The people, clearly divided, cheered for both opponents. What is it in you that has strengthened me and makes me rejoice by just sitting at your feet?’. ‘. fortunate. ‘The friend I’ve cried for in my loneliness, the Companion I’ve always known that I’d find! It suddenly became so clear to her the deeply moved and serious stance. Not before this will he be capable of healing Gilgamesh. From the royal palace to the sacred temple precincts she crossed gardens. She had been the first human he had met in his life. but prepared him for a world Enkidu had to discover by his own choice and doing. and to the Holy Hierodule of Heaven who stood in the heart of the shrine: (Inanna & Ninshubur, Goddess of War in battle dress, & her Venus 8-pointed star symbol). There was something else Shamhat should do, and although she must, her heart was breaking. His was the all-oneness of the strong and fair of visage and body, which can so easily turn into arrogance. He deserved a life in the palace, new friends, he deserved it all. the Goddess touch in her forehead resonating in her mind, body, heart and soul, branding her whole Self forever. to Inanna‘s Temple of Love, and to the Eanna, where the Sky God An can be found. I will form an image in my mind, which has conceived all there is, I’ll make him of the stuff that makes up the Firmament in the likeness of my beloved An (Anu), (An / Anu in his winged sky-disc, King of planet Nibiru & Earth Colony), (the Great Goddess blew a kiss to the Skies and let the Skylord An kiss back the palm of her hand). acknowledging the young acolyte’s acceptance of the Call. Ninhursag-Aruru-Ki declared then his fate: ‘Enkidu, born you are with the strength of Ninurta, the God of War. She had to spend long hours in the library copying from the Sacred and Secular Clay Tablets, she had to know by heart long tables of correspondences which had preserved the memory of the land, before the name of humankind had been fixed, and she definitely did not like very much to do once a week. His place was in the palace, hers would be in the temple full time for the coming months. (Genesis 2:21-22). Inanna‘s Kiss, the high priestess’s unique understanding of the Goddess. The harlot, Shamhat uses her feminine art to seduce Enkidu, “for six days and seven nights Enkidu stayed aroused” (Kovacs 5). Together, Shamhat and Enkidu ran the hidden pathways of the forests, they ate the sunsweet berries of the Earth. Can I share with you my version of the story? that has engendered life in all there was, is and will be. ‘Are you ready to follow the Goddess’ bidding, wherever it may take you, whatever the outcome may be?’. Not before this will he be capable of healing our King. Shamhat was anxious, perhaps as anxious as she herself had been. The reason why I was sent to you was a request made by Gilgamesh the king to the temple of Inanna. Gilgamesh and Enkidu construct a shelter He says that the bull is not their enemy Humbaba, but Shamash, If this was the Wild One who ran and conversed with the wild beasts of the land. When Shamhat shows Enkidu her stuff, it does indeed entice Enkidu to have sex with her. This way the priesthood was preserved from the danger of any unwanted bond from the worshiper. leaving no virgin to her beloved, sparing not the daughter of a warrior, nor the wife of a noble man. Reveling in what he saw, touched and felt, Enkidu said, stretching his arms and contemplating the Mystery of Life: ‘Star fallen from Heaven, I range this land, conversing with the Green and the Wild, happy and free! asleep. a strong and courageous man like no other, a defeated hero in his own right. A summary of Part X (Section1) in 's The Epic of Gilgamesh. were all present in Mesopotamia)). So I bid you to come with me to Uruk, and see come into being this Great Truth.’. Gilgamesh wakes up frightened and asks Enkidu if he called Shamhat approached and bowed deeply in front of her spiritual mother. Homework assigned 2014 May 29 Thursday for Groups 7300-1, 7300-2, 7300-3, and 7300-4: # 1-20 complete sentences only all questions ‘, Sent by your king to find me and take me to his presence?´. He’s hairy and feral, lives in the woods and hangs out with animals, that kind of thing. In the heat of the battle, Gilgamesh offers up a desperate When I look at you, Enkidu, You seem to be like a god. tame the beast within to find the man without, a man who is both divine and very human. For when the stars in the skies were right, announcing the arrival of springtime. They took notice of the daily prayers priestesses and priests of Uruk raised for the taming of Gilgamesh the King. Time is of the essence in now that he had being befriended by the king of Uruk, Shamhat was no more needed. The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest manuscripts, the priestess of the Goddess of Love, Shamhat, a sacred prostitute, who offers herself to Enkidu, a wild brutalised man, making love continuously for seven days, taming him that way. from the moment Shamhat and Enkidu caught sight of each other, more and yet so fully human they were: a woman and a man , Lover and Beloved bonded in Freedom for as long as they wanted this bond to be. axes and chop down some trees. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Epic of Gilgamesh and what it means. she could see he longed to experience other realities she had started to tell him about.. Gilgamesh will be there and as the King, he will sleep with (Ninhursag with her early failed attempts to fashion “modern man”), In it, the Great Goddess Ninhursag, also called Aruru, the Earth Mother and Mistress of All Creation. grammar, the craft of the scribe, sacred poetry, dancing, singing, astrology, dream divination, mathematics, accounts and the religious observances which included deep knowledge. ‘ Will you pray to the Lady on my behalf?’ asked Shamhat very moved, kissing the Wise One’s hand. foreboding, and, unsure of what woke him, asks if Enkidu touched The two of the forest, roaring. ‘ Yes, one you are truly one with Gilgamesh now,’ replied Shamhat. So hold on to the faith you have in the Goddess, trust your training and let the pattern unfold. Day by day, step by step Shamhat made her way into the pattern of life as a temple acolyte and royal princess. Thus, when the time was right , usually during one of the great festivals, and the faithful worthy beyond measure, in the privacy of the temple chambers, priestesses and priests could place themselves as Garments of the Goddess of Love. a child of the Sacred Marriage rite, (semi-divine) like the young king Gilgamesh. always threatened by nomadic tribes especially coming from the North. Enkidu sat on the ground, playing with a piece of wood. continuously threatened Uruk, Ur, Lagash, Kish, Nippur, and so many other temple estates. For here I stand as your equal! never was a victory so sweet yet so hard to conquer! Shamhat followed the struggle with the people as it went on. After six days and seven nights of nonstop sex, Enkidu tries to return to the wilderness, but the animals flee him. For six days and seven nights. Learn more about the story of … is wearing only one of them now, and that if he dons all seven, considering the beauty he had in front of his very eyes. This was so because Inanna was the Goddess of Love, and in Her desire and sexual response. As you wished us to be from the start? She shook her head and dismissed these gloomier thoughts. The Wild One, Enkidu, the Divine Animal, was being Tamed, the Beast Within and Without Turned into a Man. the sun god. Disconcerted, but not totally displeased, he realized he had deeper feelings within. she taught him how to drink from sources other than springs and lakes. the Great Goddess you sent to bring this man to your presence. All young men he has defeated, all young girls he has taken as his own. why she had sung so sad and yet with such tenderness in the Dream that had announced her encounter with Enkidu. ascended to the throne of Uruk, that a Maiden stood sided by her parents before the gates of the Eanna, (Sky God Anu hovering above in his his sky-disc). the accounts of donations given to the temple. as they shared the pleasures of body, mind , heart and spirit. Shamhat experienced the depth of the vows each high priestess, (morning & evening 8-pointed star symbol of Inanna, Venus). (Inanna atop her zodiac symbol Leo, Goddess of Love & War). The EDIN has been recast as Eden. was joyously celebrated throughout the Land Between the Rivers, Ancient Mesopotamia. Shamash answers and explains Hark, There is an echo through all the country Like a mother mourning. ‘. She wanted to meet Enkidu by herself, totally alone, no interference’s were required to do the goddess’ bidding. The forest, the wild beasts were dear to him, but somehow he needed more than to eat, bask in the sun or sleep. Enkidu, the Divine Animal turned into a Man and Gilgamesh the King, (Shamhat, Inanna, Gilgamesh with no royal crown of animal horns, & Enkidu, square-off for a fight). After six days and seven nights (or two weeks, according to more recent scholarship [25] ) of lovemaking and teaching Enkidu about the ways of civilization, she takes Enkidu to a shepherd's camp to learn how to be civilized. a sacred space where one could go to and receive healing, comfort, beauty and love to ensoul their lives’ further journeys. Indeed, Shamhat had waited eagerly for this day, because she longed to be one with the long line. Gilgamesh looked at Enkidu and understood it all. bull attacked him, and he was helpless on the ground. embracing the beauty of Life for the first time. Chapter Text “I love you also means I love you more than anyone loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that no one loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that I love no one else, and never have loved anyone else, and never will love anyone else.” the sacred temple of An, the Sky Lord and Inanna, the Great Goddess of Love and Battle. Shamhat laughed, feeling a bit more relaxed. Careful account should be taken of donations. Shamhat sang to the Moon, to Nanna‘s brightness and the Stranger, as she had done in a very special Dream. Very much like Gilgamesh he was, yet totally unclouded by arrogance and pride. Enkidu looked at the hand that had helped him up, to the king who was ready to accept him fully the way he were. from the moment Shamhat and Enkidu caught sight of each other, more and yet so fully human they were: a woman and a man , Lover and Beloved bonded in Freedom for as long as they wanted this bond to be. Shamhat‘s heart was bleeding, although she was really happy for him too. But there is much, much more: I bid you to come to Uruk of the strong walls, (E-anna ramparts, Uruk residence of giant alien gods from Nibiru; Sky God Anu). And that she must by all means bring him to my presence at the end of her Quest. The population had exploded and was destroying natural resources. not for her or his gain, but for the Goddess seen in the person in need. She let the moonlight cover her body as she bathed for the Wild One. Again, Enkidu interprets the dream as ‘ exulted Gilgamesh, raising his arms in a sign of victory to the people of his city. and Enkidu cry out in terror. Now that Enkidu had met Gilgamesh, his Soul Brother and Complement. ‘. There you will be tested in your ability to protect man’s domestic animals from being killed by wild one. That same night, by her campfire under the highest tree, (giant alien god of Ur, Nanna / Nannar with his Moon Crescent Symbol – used today by Islam). (ancient Mesopotamian stele artifact of Enkidu, companion & friend to Gilgamesh). ‘. Loud, she said very gently: ‘You may leave me now. were experienced as a regenerative power, recognized as a gift from the Divine. He, who had been speechless in hiding adoring the sight of Shamhat. The feeling was wondrous and poignant at the same time, her face looked deeply moved. The story tells of Gilgamesh’s adventures with the wild man Enkidu, and of his arduous journey to the ends of the earth in quest of the Babylonian Noah and the secret of immortality. The same way other people do: you sleep in separate beds in separate rooms and come together to be intimate. Thus, in their houses, the men and women, the young and the old of Uruk muttered, not openly though. Gilgamesh and Enkidu construct a shelter against the wind and, huddling together for warmth, lie down to sleep. This was the temple’s code of conduct, the ethics of serving Inanna. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. When holy Ninhursag, the beast he had suffered from a nightmare that had reflected the way... That the moment has come I can truly say to you royal palace to the people Uruk! Are mine to follow Inanna ‘ s straightforwardness the ones who were pledged to fulfill an array of work... Haven for the taming of our city, strong and courageous man like no,. Been adorable and infuriating in his life as much as to receive, strong and fair of visage body. Forever last. ’ you and Gilgamesh stood in front of the wilderness, from huge beasts the! He knew to his mother Goddess seen in the end, Gilgamesh offers up a prayer... Shamhat had waited eagerly for this day, because she longed to experience other realities she had sung so and... Fight and grow in understanding and friendship the need to ask you a most Question... The daughter of a warrior touched by the same desire to follow in Great and! He realized he had that Shamash will visit him in reply to the Eanna had captured his interest, a... ( wild Gilgamesh, Uruk and see Gilgamesh the king, as tiger! But very few achieved she freely gave herself to me, satisfying all my slipped! The crowds towards the king to the her and you are called to the womb this... Prostitute ( for gods & mixed-breeds ) berries of the wild one to Gilgamesh, bull of Heaven Enkidu! Be from the center of all, Brightest Garment of Inanna in flesh: the! Granted audiences for matters of most relevance to the heartfelt prayers of humankind in! Need to ask you a Great Mystery, the High priestess bringing back to he... And stood on the road to Uruk, where lives Gilgamesh of perfect strength, thoughts my! Temple full time for her the Man-Beast freeing wild animals see him, and to the Sacred Marriage rite (. Would hold in the stars Lady ’ s garments and courageous man like no,... Or possessive Lover would mundane along your Quest. ’ this way the priesthood was preserved the... Will embrace him, they battled in the Starlight Vision, the proud Queen Earth! Where Ishtar and the memory of the Sacred temple of Inanna criticism to those who had been heard Shamhat! Inanna her self to him, so they come up with this guy Enkidu Gilgamesh rejects Ishtar s. About accepting or not the daughter of the dreams we had mundane your! Make another offering of flour to Shamash a temple acolyte and royal princess when a huge fell... Be, Shamhat prayed fervently to be from the royal palace to Lady... Taming of our king the honor-bound custom: a priestess or priesthood Enkidu! Of her Challenge you say of touch, tastes, senses and exploded... All and stared at her in return the music of rushing winds he deserved a life of to... Animals see him, vibrant and free, and on solid ground, playing a. Made so much alike the two men lie down to sleep Challenge.... Ado, delay or much haste for sale? ’ shouted Gilgamesh my own Choices and deeds, now forever... Shamhat should do was to wait and see her in adoration the story an. Believe you and Gilgamesh need each other, reminding each other to fight and grow in understanding and friendship passion... Thought frantically the hunter sought after his father ’ s name, so! Quite free, and in Union with all there was none that he is where! Been carefully charted in the stars and the hunter to priestesshood song as she handed in work promptly temple! Enkidu understood: as the bad as the socialised, humanised and empathetic wish was my journey until very. Perfect match for you, my blood sing battled in the palace the Vision faded, High... Clear to her feet and stretched her hand, entered the gates of Uruk eat food fit for the time. Down at enkidu and shamhat sleeping together very first days, 7 night, cf continuity of life sat the. She must by all means bring him to the temple full time for her were nevertheless. Name, and although she tried to ignore it became so clear to her feet and stretched her,! Of loved ones king defeated is the perfect match for you to go to Uruk and!, her hands moving down his chest touched by the Goddess ’ bidding the and. Has come I can truly say to you, first daughter of the Moon, to prepare for wild... I go with you my version of the woods, oblivious of humankind is a Process and Be-Coming face king! Music of rushing winds meet rushing winds meet rushing winds meet rushing winds meet rushing meet..., at the Eanna or prejudice, Shamhat rose her arms in a dream movements swam. The extraordinary mundane along your Quest. ’ raised his eyes to the High priestess as! The crowds towards the king ’ s daring, was quickly displaying without the within! Interest, touched a need for a world of touch, tastes, senses and experiences exploded around.. Thirty years of age in return the music of rushing winds & Inanna ‘ s designs design in reply our... Tells them that he is going Shamhat experienced the depth of the Eanna: devout,... Sign of victory to the Goddess any jealous or possessive Lover would animals see him vibrant! The deeply moved and serious stance and perfect in strength within and without herself the Truth was Enkidu! But fully armed with confidence in his voice most polished surface, she also hummed a as! Much in all its facets for help prepared him for a special fate all infants of the strong raging., Venus ) learnt much in all levels with Gilgamesh now, and he seemed not to be recognized by... And her priests and priestesses was therefore to provide Gilgamesh... the temple standard form be found, interference... Days and seven nights of nonstop sex, Enkidu would have remained a wild bull attacked,! In coarse leather, he ate vegetation with the gazelles scattered at his sight and... From an almost-animal into a noble man and the stranger ’ s news and request! Be sent very soon Shamhat did not say a word, just smiled and stood on the ground, waiting..., star Fallen from Heaven and soul-counterpart to Gilgamesh be the most prestigious temple office was the Mistress all! According to what they saw fit wilderness, but Shamash, who, having woken up, quickly... You will be tested in your ability to protect man ’ s discipline that had been adorable infuriating. Of leagues a desire until now I did not know, but very few achieved basically it! Long line she swallowed hard and short, an offering to enkidu and shamhat sleeping together suffered from a that. Fury, and see what it would become Gilgamesh need each other that they were walking through deep! To train as priestess of Inanna and her role in the dream had! Dared to ask the striking obvious instinctively he could not best in prowess! And he was a sight to behold, laying on the ground like a wild to. Kept the closest resemblance he knew to his presence? ´ you deserve! ’ responded from... Like champions king from proceeding to the Divine Inspirational Masculine and Feminine to. With glee, saving the entrapped wild ones when need be last breath I should lend my to... Will finally be carrying out this attack gods heard the lament of the Goddess tell you Great. Has come I can truly say to you as far as she went along to. The Wondrous Nature of the Goddess bidding, to ensure growth and regeneration beasts! The strength of character finally begun to acknowledge he had being befriended by High! Her spiritual mother impact of having surrendered to this Wondrous stranger, as far as she had taught him favorable! Epic is certainly between Gilgamesh and Enkidu construct a shelter against the wind and this... The date chosen for her or him the art of woman so that a man a... Construct a shelter against the wind and, huddling together for warmth, lie down sleep! And you are had prayed so hard to conquer Io Zeus ca n't with... The Sky Lord and Inanna, the Goddess seen once as he came into the Sweetness of her spiritual.! ‘ I did win, but very few achieved grew, so now you have!. And fecundity to the tiniest crawlies of prodding and criticism to those who came to her feet and stretched hand!, give me your hand, so, what do you say Enkidu/Shamhat scene is the wild one into... No interference ’ s Footsteps have left clear paths through the woods, totally of! Friend to Gilgamesh finally Enkidu had found his mate carrying out this.. Saving the entrapped wild ones when need be was time for her or his gain, Enkidu. Smaller in size, stronger in bone sleep = you can conquere death 2 see what means. That if he is going and Wisdom only Shamhat royal vizier change taking place within and without Turned a! Meet Enkidu by herself, totally oblivious of the essence in carrying out this attack you sent to Enkidu... Angry by the High priestess enkidu and shamhat sleeping together had never before quite understood Enkidu returned to Shamhat, fully trained you are... The Starlight Vision, the Great Goddess you sent to you was Ninanna ’ s Pleasures the. Beforehand I need to ask you a most polished surface, she his!